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Film subtitles, if translated well, are stuffed full of idioms, and if you know the film there are lots of key lines to make sure you’re on the right track. An alternative to a reader - enjoy the film again while learning.

Hannah and Her Sisters
Hannah and Her Sisters by Woody Allen
If you don’t know the film this isn’t going to make a lot of sense. The subtitles are for the first scene of the film, starting with the voice-over from Elliot, and ending with Hannah’s speech.
Interstellar by Jonathon Nolan
The subtitles starts at the beginning of the film and ends with the parent's meeting at Murph's school.
Se7en by Andrew Kevin Walker
A good one for learning all that day-to-day pathology and murder vocabulary, the subtitles start at the beginning of the film and end with the Captain telling Somerset he has to finish the case.